an exercise in resonant weaving
an exercise in resonant weaving, held at Westplein in the centre of Utrecht in the summer of 2021 was the chance to bring together different people, materials, energies, mediums, experiences and interactions with one main intention: that it be a place of creative joy.
The inflatable cushion -an ode to rest- was inflated and used to host many of the workshops and some music, the band and the audience were inside.

Film evening with short films from: Leslie Kamps, Sleepeels, Jonny Mehraz, Yixuan Zhang, Nune Tunjikian, Gemma Carson, (Mariah Blue, Kathrin Graf, Lana Murdochy, Younwon Sohn, Amy Winstanley), Terry Vreeburg, Lee Mc Donald and Lisa Smithson

the undercover feminists perform in an ode to rest
bots 'n' gas
Nusch Bourne
laser voices workshop with Mariah Blue and Charlotte ten Raa
press here to play
bots 'n' gas
Yuri Landman
diy flag