Born 12 February 1976, Opotiki, New Zealand.
Currently living in Bellingwolde, Netherlands.

2016 -2018 Frank Mohr Institute, Painting, Groningen, Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design (cum laude)
2003-09 Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, Nederlands, BFA
1993-97 University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, B.A. Geography
1987-1992 Sacred Heart Girl’s College, (full-time boarding) Hamilton, New Zealand
2009 Dutch Art Institute, studies stopped

- Siddering, performance, collaboration with Jan Verbogt, Eeuwe Zijlstra and two choirs. Hervormde kerk Farmsum
- Galactic Resonance, Solstice Procession leader, curated by Charlotte ten Raa, de Tanker, Amsterdam
- A Gesture You Can't Help But Make, performance, inspired by works of walking artist Hamish Fulton, DIHAN, Groningen
- new rites of passage for the interplanetary age, inauguration performance, curated by Charlotte ten Raa, De Tanker, Amsterdam
- one off solo exhibition, ARTisBOOK, Groningen
- Farm Art, founded residency space, Bellingwolde, Nederland
- Co Transpose at Communitism, group event, Athens, Greece
- Co-transpose residency Dikea, Greece
- Libera me, collaboration with Jan Verbogt, Anke Brouwer, Gilad Nezer and two choirs, Vries, Leeuwarden and Groningen
- Last year we didn’t even have a name, self curated with Frank Mohr Institute writing group, EMG, Groningen
- Tsarino Residency with Lee McDonald, 13 oct - 15 nov, self guided residency in Tsarino, Bulgaria
- An Exercise in Resonant Weaving, curated event, 19-31 August, Creative Playground, Utrecht
- Welcome to the Village, backdrop for main podium, 16-18 July, Leeuwarden
- Art Away, Group show Groningen artists, 23-24 April
- Fashion Show WoW, curated by Vanina Tsvetkova, Noordenaars, (Wo)men at work) 5 April, Groningen
- Comfort and Vision, performance as Leesa with Lee McDonald, curated by Salim Bayri, 4 March, Het Nieuwe Instituut Online
- Libera me, collaboration with Jan Verbogt, Anke Brouwer, Yuri Landman, Lee McDonald and singers, Zeerijp, Groningen
- Organic Garden Sessions, interviews/readings in the garden with Eleni Tsompanidou and weekly guest artists, Groningen
- Homescreen, digital group exhibition and interview, Groningen (@homescreen instagram)
- Weaving, performative live reading, Stichting ARTisBOOK, Groningen
- circle doing words, self curated with Frank Mohr Institute writing group, ARTisBOOK, Groningen (@circle.doing.words instagram)
- DIHAN: Small Things, performance, collaboration with Eleni Tsompanidou, ARTisBOOK Shop, Groningen
- Art Rotterdam, with Galerie van Gelder, Rotterdam
- Kunst kan Tegen Intimiteit Aanscheuren, solo show, Kunstkan, Amsterdam
- Lust for Life, de Apotheek, Amsterdam
- Slaap Lekker Studio, curated by Kimball Holth, Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam
- Radio in the bathtub, curated by Dagobert Macib, Moira, Utrecht
- Wonderful Behaviour, self curated event with Frank Mohr Institute writing group and invited artists, Y2, Groningen
- Room for Space, curated by Annosh Urbank, Vensterbank, Leiden
- Back to Mohr, group show, Artphy, Wessinghuizen
- CBK Groningen in het UMCG, UMCG Hospital, Groningen
- Duo exhibition, with Sandra de Groot, CBK, Groningen
- Filler III Wall Constellations, SIGN, Groningen
- This Art Fair, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
- Jong Talent, Artphy, Wessinghuizen
- Home Sequence, J. Slauerhoff, event with Yunjoo Kwak, Amsterdam
- End Exam, Frank Mohr Institute, with choir performance, Groningen
- Kill the Curator, Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen
- Grow, collaboration with Anna Trapenciere, De Nieuwe Kolk, Assen
- A State of Mind, curated by Marc Bijl HAUS 34A Bad Bentheim, Germany
- Guests, Ghosts & Gardening, Klupko, Amsterdam
-The Endless Summer, curated by Jabu Arnell, Zoete Broodjes Project Space, Amsterdam
- Meanwhile, Residency Tsarino, Bulgaria
- Tekenkabinet, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
- Couchsurfers and A-Boys, Jabu Arnell's home, Amsterdam
- 1+1=3, with Mariah Blue, Kulter proeflokaal, Amsterdam
- Bee Mecca Guerilla, council garden intervention, Slauerhoffstraat, Amsterdam
- Open Studios, Jan Toroopstraat, Amsterdam
- Ode to the Cleaner, Hotel Okura, Amsterdam
- Graduation show, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam
- We Are Dead/ You Are Alive, collaborative work with Ana Ugarkovic, Veemvloer, Amsterdam

2023 one off, workshops -book and flag making, ARTisBOOK, Groningen
2017 - 2022 Performative Writing Course and event, Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen
2021 Writing workshops at An Exercise in Resonant Weaving, Creative Playground, Utrecht
2019 Reactions to aspects of popular culture 21-2, workshop with secondary school students, Sign, Groningen
2019 Kunst kan Tegen Intimiteit Aanscheuren 30-11, drawing workshop, Kunstkan, Amsterdam
2009-2016 Facilitated a drawing group, 3-10 participants, weekly in Amsterdam

Fascinated by the abstraction of maps from the ground that they represent, I set out from New Zealand in 1997 for some field work and discovery. It has been a long trip from the kiwifruit vines and rivers of my upbringing to the art and culture of Europe. I am now back in a rural setting at Farm Art.

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